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  • Teacher Autonomy Survey (TAS)

Pearson and Moomaw’s Teacher Autonomy Survey (2005), is comprised of 18 questions originally designed so as to elicit the extent to which teachers perceive they have autonomy in the following areas: (1) instructional planning and sequencing, (2) personal on-the-job decision making, (3) selection of activities and materials, and (4) classroom standards of conduct; in addition, the aforementioned 18 items named teaching information deal with the information teachers share about their extent of autonomy over different items). Teacher Autonomy Survey first asks about the teachers’ highest academic degree (Bachelors, Masters, Educational Specialist or .Doctorate), Teaching level (Elementary, Middle or High school) and Subject emphasis (Art, Business/Distributive, Reading, Exceptional child-gifted, Exceptional child-other than gifted, Foreign language, and …). Moreover, the options vary from “Definitely True” to “Definitely False” and “More or Less True” and “More or Less False” come in between. The questions regarding each type of autonomy – General autonomy and Curriculum autonomy, are provided hereinafter:


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the-relationship-among-efl-teachers-teaching-styles-neuro-linguistic-programming-and-autonomy the-relationship-among-efl-teachers-teaching-styles-neuro-linguistic-programming-and-autonomy

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