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2.3.2. Learners’ Autonomy vs. Teachers’ Autonomy

The concept of learner autonomy has in the last two decades has become the core of many research and papers since it is regarded influential as a goal in many parts of the world but what about autonomy of teachers? The researcher preferred to go through both concepts of learner and teacher autonomy in order to give a better understanding of the whole concept of autonomy.


It is mentioned that because a shift in teacher roles is required in order to implement methods to promote autonomous development among students, teachers also need to focus on their own autonomy (Mackenzie and McCafferty ; 2002, p.9). The needs that arise from the learners directly influenced the language teaching methods during the past century. One of the most important issues regarding teaching is autonomy which has been a tempting title for many researchers during last decades. Barfield et al (2002) stated that although researchers have clearly defined many aspects of learner autonomy, teacher autonomy requires a more focused and contextually sensitive definition.

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the-relationship-among-efl-teachers-teaching-styles-neuro-linguistic-programming-and-autonomy the-relationship-among-efl-teachers-teaching-styles-neuro-linguistic-programming-and-autonomy

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