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2.4.3. NLP Fundamentals, Products & Essence


Smart (2006) believes that

the fundamentals of NLP are straightforward: 1. Know what you want (Outcome / Direction). 2. Get the attention of the unconscious mind (Rapport).3. Know whether you’re getting what you want (Sensory Acuity). 4. Adjust what you’re doing accordingly (Behavioral Flexibility) (p.6).

on the other hand, Bostic St.Clair & Grinder (2001) said “The development of NLP was influenced in particular by conversations with Gregory Bateson, who was Bandler and Grinder’s neighbour in Santa Cruz in the 1970’s” (p.118).

Dilts and DeLozier (2000) contended that “NLP can be seen as a technology, a methodology, and an epistemology. As a technology, NLP comprises a substantial collection of frameworks, tools and techniques, some specific to NLP and some borrowed or adapted from other fields”( p.849). Bandler & Grinder (1975) asserted that “While NLP appears to comprise a plethora of techniques, it was originally portrayed as a method, which the authors called `modeling’” (p.6).


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the-relationship-among-efl-teachers-teaching-styles-neuro-linguistic-programming-and-autonomy the-relationship-among-efl-teachers-teaching-styles-neuro-linguistic-programming-and-autonomy

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